By Amy Lyndon

If you want to be considered a great dynamic actor, then you must perfect your transitions! Like any gold medalist their performance is determined by their precision. Just watch any Olympic skater or downhill skier, or gymnast – precision gets the gold!

The same goes for an actor. Without sharp, strong transitions, we will not see character. The sharper the transition, the better we understand your character. Any actor that wins awards – it’s because their character is clearly defined. It pops on the screen. It’s strong. It’s clear. We are riveted.

Don’t be afraid of transitions. We transition every day in our lives, but we prefer to call them “mood swings.” Take a day and notice how many times you switch from one mood to another. Why should it be any different when you act? Aren’t you a mirror to life? Then why wouldn’t you become an expert at transitions?

If you want to be great at comedy, then you better be great at transitions. Comedy is all sharp transitions without apology. Study Sean Hayes in “Will and Grace” and you will see what a technician he is with his choreography and his ability to hit that joke every time. He goes from feeling to feeling with great ease. He goes all the way to the left and makes a sharp turn to the right. We laugh because we don’t expect it. That’s what indicates the joke – strong transitions based on the punctuation.

If you want to keep your audience guessing and engaged with your performance you will start practicing your transitions and become an expert at playing your own emotional instrument.

When you glide your transitions from one to another, then your work will not be clearly defined and you will be telling a messy story. People don’t pay close to $20 for a ticket to see their favorite star for a casual reality performance. They pay to see all the emotions they’re going through and that, my fabulous actors, is entertainment.

As a renowned celebrity booking coach and author of the world-famous The Lyndon Technique: The 15 Guideline Map To Booking based in Hollywood, Amy Lyndon is famous for turning actors into stars. With 48 Network Series Regulars & counting, 1000’s of working actors around the globe, plus an Emmy Award Winner and an Imagen Award Winner under her belt, Amy Lyndon is Hollywood’s most renowned secret weapon.

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