Amy’s classes are ground breaking! Once I followed her 15 Guideline Technique, my breakthrough as an actor truly began. I owe so much to this woman. ~ Hosea Chanchez (Series Regular – The Game)

Thank you for all your help. I couldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for you. My mom & I are still in disbelief. Thank you so so much! ~ Paris Berelc (Series Regular – Mighty Med/Lab Rats: Elite Force/Alexa & Kate)

I came out to Los Angeles knowing nothing. Literally nothing but I was determined to figure it out. I couldn’t have learned and would not continue to learn if Amy Lyndon wasn’t in my life 🙂 Her approach to the audition world changed the way I viewed the audition process and also the way I tackled each scene was life changing. I went from an out of work actor to the Lead in two Studio Films to be released in 2014! In one of them I’m opposite Maria Bello and Kevin Costner! She has and will continue to help make my dreams a reality 🙂 Love you Amy! ~ Carlos Pratts (Disney Studio Feature Film – McFarland, USA)

Amy’s directing is very unique. She watches and listens carefully but is also like my mirror. Anything that I see or don’t see, she will reflect and make me see it so that I can understand it. I’ve become an intelligent actress because of this. My choices are more specific and I understand the business as a whole as a result of it, too. In that way, she is both an excellent director/coach and an excellent friend. ~ Nadine Velazquez (Series Regulars – Major Crimes/My Name Is Earl)


Amy is my “go to” acting coach when I want my clients to book! She takes the actor that’s ready for the next level to that next level by teaching them the true art of what it means to be an actor and embrace each scene and respect the words on the page.  Amy has truly cracked the “booking code” for my clients and has taught them to be confident in the room and to own their choices.  Thank you, Amy! My clients would not be where they are today without your techniques and guidance. ~ Becky Poliakoff – Hg5 Entertainment – Personal Manager

As a Talent Manager in Hollywood, I receive hundreds of flyers to refer Actors to acting classes, workshops, etc. I’ve attended many and tonight I think I’ve found my absolute FAVORITE. Amy Lyndon — your class was so interactive and inspiring. The way you break down every scene, apply your technique, and keep the motivation flowing throughout the room! You literally catch everything and had me on the edge of my seat waiting for the NEXT pair! Highly recommend this class. ~ Chris Giovanni – CGEM Talent – Personal Manager

Thank you so much for having me last night. I absolutely loved you your class. I will be definitely recommending you to our clients. ~ Matt Ilczuk – Entertainment Lab – Personal Manager

One of the best acting coaches I most respect in this industry is Amy Lyndon. One thing I like about her class is not only she teaches you how to audition and book it, but she also tells you the reality on how the acting business works. ~ Oliver Carnay – International Artists Talent Management – Personal Manager

OMG….  Amy, I can not thank you enough for your amazing work with our actors…  it is always incredible how our actors booking ratio goes up.  Your technique is invaluable!  The reason that Bravo LOVES to bring you in “twice” a year.  We literally have talent asking when you are coming back and wanting to make sure that they make it in to your workshop…Not only did our actors benefit in bookings but your training did wonders for their skills & confidence! ~ Debra Pappas – Bravo Talent Management – Talent Agent (Chicago, IL)

Amy and her technique have taken my actors to a deeper level of acting and auditioning. She is also an asset to have in their corner because of her positive and real nature. She always says it as it is and pushes them to their full potential. I am grateful for all of her hard work and dedication to her actors. ~ Debra Manners – DMTA – Personal Manager

I love you and what you do in this business. Keep it up, mama. You are a true gem in this industry and these actors are SO lucky to have you. ~ Theo Caeser – 90210 Talent Agency – Talent Agent

While researching acting coaches I discovered one of L.A.’s greatest jewels: Amy Lyndon. She is truly a wellspring of knowledge and enthusiasm. I love her “customized” method, as I too believe in the same teaching style. I could write a glowing novel on Amy Lyndon, but I will conclude by saying this: Amy Lyndon is the epitome of whole person teaching. Her clients’ successes are the proof, but their love and respect for her while (and long after) working with her are the true testimony to her beautiful soul which shines brighter than any Hollywood lights! ~ Tracy Wright Dunivan – ShoKidz Entertainment – Producer (Houston, Texas)

Amy Lyndon is without a doubt one of the most effective teachers out there. Her 15 Guideline Map To Booking Technique, should be like a front door key, never leave home without it, as it’s the key to booking. Her work and reputation is widely appreciated by International actors that fly into LA to train with Amy. Many have booked and commented that they have seen a massive increase in their booking ratio since studying The Lyndon Technique. ~ Richard Burke – Industry Hollywood Producer

We recently had Amy Lyndon as one of our special guest speakers at one of our events, and boy were we glad we did! She is like the Tasmanian devil of actor’s proactively! She is funny, energetic, and most importantly highly skilled in showing actors how to get off the couch and go and make something happen for their careers! ~ ELITE Hollywood – Producer