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Had a blast being interviewed by Talent Manager Anna Lewkowska for her blog Actors For Lunch.

Here is what Anna had to say about our time together over lunch –  “Amy Lyndon is an acting teacher, studio owner and author of The Lyndon Technique. I’ve come to know her through many of my actors who have raved about her teaching method and classes. As a booking coach, Amy has over 40 network series regulars and thousands of working actors around the world. Besides her amazing ability to make my actors book, she’s possibly the most entertaining person to be around. She knows the facts of the business and doesn’t bullshit, so if you can handle truth, you’ll fully enjoy this lively, proud, slightly eccentric Hollywood woman. On a rare rainy day in North Hollywood, after catching up about the terrible dating scene in LA, we finally got to business…”

Find out how you push yourself to be a booking actor in Hollywood.  Being Talented simply just isn’t enough anymore.  Anna and I discuss the ins and outs of acting, training, auditioning and more.

Read more from my interview with Anna here —-> THE TALENTED ACTOR – THE MOTIVATED ARTISTS – AND HOW TO BE BOTH

Here is to being talented and being motivated.  To being an Olympic Actor and going for the GOLD!!!

“The Actor must approach acting like an Olympic Athlete. The more you practice the necessary skills, the more you will book. When a high level of discipline and concentration on the work is achieved, you will see incredible results.” ~ Amy Lyndon

As a renowned celebrity booking coach and author of the world-famous The Lyndon Technique: The 15 Guideline Map To Booking based in Hollywood, Amy Lyndon is famous for turning actors into stars.  With 48 Network Series Regulars & counting, 1000’s of working actors around the globe, plus an Emmy Award Winner and an Imagen Award Winner under her belt, Amy Lyndon is Hollywood’s most renowned secret weapon.

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