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Working Actors Work With Amy Lyndon

What You’ll Learn from the Technique:

  • How To Beat Your Competition By Learning A Proven Technique
  • How To Get Rid Of Your Nerves
  • How To Never Have To Memorize Lines Again
  • How To Always Know What You’re Doing
  • How To Break Down A Script Properly
  • How To Get Out Of Call Back Hell
  • How To Be Remembered
  • How To Find That Missing Piece To Your Puzzle
  • How To Do The Best Homework Possible
  • How To Apply The Lyndon Technique Right Now
  • How To Build A Comprehensive Acting Package
  • How To Get Agents and Managers To Sign You
  • How To Become Amy’s 51st Series Regular

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Amy Lyndon: The Celebrity Booking Coach Breaking The Mold, Creating New Stars

Thank you Indie Activity for the Great Article. You can read it below or click the link to go to the full article on Indie Activity. https://www.indieactivity.com/amy-lyndon-celebrity-booking-coach-creating-stars/ Amy Lyndon: The Celebrity Booking Coach Breaking The Mold, Creating New Stars Amy Lyndon is a Hollywood Celebrity Booking Coach, and author. Her world famous book The Lyndon

Meet Amy Lyndon of The Lyndon Technique in Studio City

VOYAGE LA MAGAZINE Bringing you LA’s Most Inspiring Stories On October 17th 2018 that inspiring Story was on Amy Lyndon Check Out the Full Article Here   Amy, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. I started acting when I was

The Art of Booking with Shandon Youngclaus

10 Requirements for Consistently Working Actors After almost 20 years of teaching my technique and guiding careers from my experience as a personal manager, it has become obvious to me what an actor needs to do in order to book a job and create a big career. I’m so happy to report that to date


TRANSITIONS ARE KEY TO GREAT ACTING By Amy Lyndon If you want to be considered a great dynamic actor, then you must perfect your transitions! Like any gold medalist their performance is determined by their precision. Just watch any Olympic skater or downhill skier, or gymnast – precision gets the gold! The same goes for